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Information on how we use cookies

Cookies are text strings that are set in the browser while the user is browsing.

What cookies do we use?

We only use technical cookies, which are necessary for the website to function properly.

Information on the different types of cookies

Technical cookies (necessary)

Technical cookies are set to allow the use of certain services, such as to authenticate users in restricted areas. They are essential and, if deactivated, it will not be possible to use the services connected to them.

Analytical cookies (statistical)

Analytical cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the website by collecting and transmitting information anonymously. The IP of the visitors are anonymized, when this is allowed by the analysis tool used, thus becoming comparable to technical cookies.

Profiling cookies (marketing)

Profiling cookies are used to track visitors and the purpose is to present advertisements that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and therefore of greater value for third-party publishers and advertisers.

Details on the first party cookies used on this website

First party cookies are set directly from our website.

In detail:

  • "pc": technical cookie used to show the information banner on the use of cookies;

Details on third party cookies used on this website

No third-party cookies are set when browsing this website.